Air New Zealand to Decide in Favour of Boeing Aircraft?

Photo: shutterstock

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After 18 months of discussions, calculations and attempts to arrive at the final decision, Air New Zealand, an Auckland-based airline, has come closer to picking the aircraft to renew its widebody fleet. According to Reuters, it will be Boeing.

Reportedly, the flag carrier of New Zealand is looking for an option to replace its eight Boeing 777-200ER aircraft (average age 13.8 years) to renew its widebody fleet. As for now, for its long-haul flights the airline operates the whole Boeing fleet: eight Boeing 777-300ER, nine Boeing 777-200ER and 13 Dreamliners.

Considering the current situation, it seems absolutely reasonable for Air New Zealand to choose Boeing. However, in the recent video interview with Jeff McDowall, CFO at Air New Zealand, intriguing details have emerged.

It appears that the airline is choosing between Boeing 787 and Airbus A350. The CFO did not reveal the exact model, but said the decision will be announced already next month.

Meanwhile, there is one more possible option for Air New Zealand to choose. As far as the airline is looking for the most efficient aircraft in terms of fuel consumption, the Boeing 777X can also go as a variant.