Airbus and Boeing Aircraft Deliveries Plummet in April

Photo: shutterstock

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The impact of the crisis provoked by the coronavirus pandemic has already reflected on Airbus and Boeing aircraft deliveries in April. Airbus delivered 14 aircraft, and Boeing only six.

During the four months of 2020 Airbus delivered a total of 136 aircraft, while, according to FlightGlobal, Boeing managed to hand over only 56 planes.

While Airbus has been mainly hit by the current crisis and the emerging consequences, Boeing has been affected by two crises at the same time – the coronavirus and 737 MAX grounding.

Production of the troubled 737 MAX aircraft was temporarily ceased in January, deliveries were also suspended, this way, Boeing was unable to work with its most popular aircraft program and show better results.

Apart from plummeting deliveries, both planemakers are facing serious problems on the orders’ front. In light of the recent events airlines are not only not making new orders but actively deferring their bookings or even cancelling.

It is known for sure that aviation will return to its growth and new aircraft will be needed, however, it is impossible to predict yet when the situation will stabilize.

This year Airbus has logged 299 net orders (the amount of orders considering all the cancellations and conversions). Although the number is lower than last year, it is still positive.

Meanwhile Boeing cannot share the joy over its results. FligthGlobal reports that after four months of 2020 Boeing stands at -255 net orders. This means, that the company suffered more cancellations than new bookings.

Responding to the situation, both Airbus and Boeing have adjusted their production plans and decreased rates to fit the business for the demand.