Airbus Is About to Test Hydrogen Engine on A380 Superjumbo

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Airbus has collaborated with CFM International to test hydrogen propulsion on an A380, its largest airplane.

The flights on the aircraft that will include a modified version of the current engine will begin in 2026. The aim is to prepare for entry-into-service of a zero-emission plane by 2035.

This is the most significant step undertaken at Airbus to usher in a new era of hydrogen-powered flight since the unveiling of our ZEROe concepts back in September 2020,” said Sabine Klauke, Airbus Chief Technical Officer.

“Hydrogen combustion capability is one of the foundational technologies we are developing and maturing as part of the CFM RISE Program,” said Gaël Méheust, president & CEO of CFM.

Airbus will define the hydrogen propulsion system requirements, take control over flight testing and provide the A380 platform to test the hydrogen combustion engine. CFM International will modify a GE turbofan engine’s fuel system, combustor and control system to run on hydrogen.

Source: Airbus