Airbus Says It Will Focus on Improving Its Existing Aircraft


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Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury has said that the plane manufacturer is looking at enhancing its existing aircraft models.

“We have a good portfolio of platforms; we believe the evolution will be on those platforms, on systems, connectivity, energy management and decarbonisation,” he told the A4E Aviation Summit, asked where Airbus’ main product development focus lay.

“We think those platforms have the potential to embed those changes on different systems including propulsion systems. So we are more looking at how we are going to evolve those platforms over time, as we are doing with the A321XLR and other products, with new variants,” Faury said in a pre-recorded interview.

According to him, systems, connectivity, energy management, and decarbonization would support development at Airbus. The planemaker will be focusing on the A220, A320, A330, and A350 families and variants within those families. Design tweaks can multiply capabilities. As a result, Airbus can offer customers more range and greater efficiencies without the potential problems and avoiding the expenses for developing a new aircraft.

Source: Reuters