Airbus Sees Slight Increase in June Aircraft Deliveries

Photo: Manuel Esteban /

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At this time, every improvement, even the tiniest, is worth a great deal. Airbus has reported that it succeeded in handing over 36 commercial aircraft in June 2020. It is 12 planes more than in May, and 22 aircraft more than in April.

The trend of increase seems to by steadily positive, although highly impacted by the crisis provoked by the pandemic. Comparing the numbers for the six months of 2020 and 2019 the drop is more than obvious.

In course six months of a challenging year of 2020 Airbus delivered 196 aircraft, meanwhile for the same period in 2019, the amount reached 389 planes.

In terms of orders, in June the planemaker recorder no new bookings. For the first half of 2020 the company reported 365 gross aircraft orders. Considering all the cancellations, therefore, the number of net orders resulted in 298. In H1 of 2019, Airbus had 389 net aircraft orders.