Airbus Successfully Launches Aircraft ‘e-Delivery’ Process

Photo: Airbus

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Unprecedented times make aviation revise its processes and adapt to new reality with safe yet effective solutions for everyone. One of the latest aviation ‘firsts’ has taken place in the aircraft hand-over area.

Airbus has successfully launched aircraft hand-over and ‘e-Delivery’ virtual process to both secure health of its customers and business continuity.

The first airline that has recently received three brand new A320neo Family aircraft this new way is Pegasus Airlines, a Turkish low-coster.

Airbus, which plans to e-deliver more aircraft to more airlines in the upcoming days and weeks, reveals that this remote end-to-end approach consists of three phases:

  1. Technical Acceptance Completion (TAC) tasks delegated to Airbus (or to a local third party appointed by the airline)
  2. electronic Transfer-of-Title (electronic ToT)
  3. ferry-flight and subsequent reception of the aircraft at the customer’s base

Regarding the Technical Acceptance Completion part, this can be completed by Airbus on behalf of the operator accepting the plane. This stage includes the ‘ground-check’, the acceptance test flight, acceptance manuals and procedures, as well as minor cosmetic rework if needed.

Then the electronic Transfer-of-Title follows. Through the ‘e-SalesContracts’ platform each party, regardless their location, can get together into one real-time virtual environment “where they can optimise and simplify all the contractual transactions” concluding these with the remote ToT digital signature.

This way Airbus eliminates the necessity of the customer’s team to be physically present at the Airbus Delivery Centre. 

Finally, the final phase comes – the ferry-flight – which can be performed by the customer’s flight crew (or an appointed third party) who can “pick-up the sanitised aircraft and fly it straight back from the delivery centre to the airline’s home base”.

In a news release Airbus said that this new delivery approach and all the digital aspects supporting the process “could become the blueprint for Airbus and its customers going forward”.