American Airlines Airbus A330 Crew Declares Medical Emergency

Photo: Wikipedia

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During  American Airlines Airbus A330-300 flight AA-728 from Philadelphia,PA (USA) to London Heathrow, EN (UK) with 154 passengers and 12 crew, the flight crew donned their oxygen masks and declared a medical emergency reporting a number of passengers and all 9 cabin crew had become ill, there was an odour on board.

They were 3 pilots on the flight deck, they were all “A-Ok”. The aircraft turned around and diverted to Boston for a safe landing on runway 22L about 45 minutes after the decision to divert to Boston.

The airline reported the flight attendants were taken to a hospital and were later released. None of the passengers reported sick or required medical attention.

The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground for about 16.5 hours, then positioned to Philadelphia.