American Airlines Removes Over 150 Aircraft Amid the Crisis

Photo: Philip Pilosian /

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The crisis has forced airlines all around the globe to re-consider their plans and tidy fleet – to save costs and stay efficiently operational. For example, American Airlines has implemented a number of measure and estimates that it will reduce its 2020 total operating and capital expenditures by more than $15 billion.

According to the carrier, this will be primarily achieved through cost savings resulting from less flying. Nevertheless, the company has also reviewed its fleet.

American Airlines has retired four aircraft types, consisting of 20 Embraer 190s, 34 Boeing 757s, 17 Boeing 767s and nine Airbus A330-300s, along with a number of older regional aircraft.

In addition, the company placed its Airbus A330-200s and certain older Boeing 737s into a temporary storage program. All in all, these changes remove more than 150 aircraft from the fleet and bring forward the cost savings and efficiencies associated with operating fewer aircraft types.

Also, there are some changes in international travel schedules for 2021. American expects its summer 2021 long-haul international capacity to be down 25% versus 2019 and also plans to exit 19 international routes from six hubs.