American Airlines – The First To Resume Flights On Boeing 737 MAX

Photo: American Airlines

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After the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued its approval to unground Boeing 737 MAX on November 18th, American Airlines announces to begin with non-commercial flights in early December before the official Boeing 737 MAX return to service date.

A letter published on the airline website expressed its view on Boeing 737 MAX recertification and outlined the steps it would take to return the aircraft to service.

The airline reports, “We will begin with non-commercial flights in early December before the official return to service date to demonstrate that the 737 MAX is as safe as every plane we fly at American. On‌ Dec.‌ 29, we will resume scheduled service with two flights a day — or one round trip from MIA to LGA — through‌ Jan.‌ 4. After that, we expect to gradually phase more 737 MAX aircraft into revenue service throughout January, with up to 36 departures from our Miami hub depending on the day of the week. Ahead of our commercial flights, interested team members will also have the opportunity to fly on the 737 MAX.”

American Airlines and its pilots worked closely with Boeing and FAA to ensure Boeing 737 MAX would be safe to fly again. It says it is determined to ensure their approximately 2600 pilots will undergo FAA-mandated training, including computer-based training, classroom sessions, and 737 MAX simulator training.

Other American airlines, such as Southwest Airlines and United Airlines, which have 34 and 14 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, are also preparing for the resumption. Southwest will begin flights on Boeing 737 MAX no later than the 2nd quarter of 2021, and United Airlines aims to take action in the 1st quarter of 2021.

Source: American Airlines