Apogee Opens Tashkent FBO Facilities

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Apogee has opened a new office at Tashkent Yuzhny Airport. The company is now offering flight support services in the city. Apogee is able to offer services in all major airports in Uzbekistan, these services are all provided from the International Airport headquarters in Tashkent.

The Tashkent headquarters is an very important location as it covers all of the CIS countries.

Jasur Sultanov, regional manager of Apogee said: “We focus on our client’s best interest, which means avoiding the use of third parties in concerned locations. Besides making sure that our services are always excellent, our main goal is to maintain and cooperate in close relations with all CAAs and Airport Authorities, in order to be able to work with them directly.”

“Since the first day, our objective is to meet the utmost requirements of our clients and we have done a lot to fulfill our goal and already getting the rewards. Apogee’s next step is to strengthen its current position and go beyond the horizon,” added Sultanov.

Apogee is an international trip support company providing services in the CIS countries and beyond.

Source: corporatejetinvestor.com