Asia Pacific in Great Need for Commercial Airline Personnel

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Over the third of projected global demand for commercial aviation personnel, to be more precise, 816,000 new commercial aviation employees, would be greatly needed in the Asia Pacific region over the 20 years period, Boeing reports.

In terms of pilots, Boeing forecasts that in the upcoming two decades the region will see the demand for total of 244,000 new commercial pilots, which stands at 38% of the global need. Notably, 124,000 pilots out of 244,000 for the Asia Pacific are required, guess where, undoubtedly, in China.

Moreover, China is also leading the demand for cabin crew (150,000 flight attendants needed in China vs 323,000 worldwide) and maintenance technicians (124,000 technicians for China vs 249,000 for the world).

China is expected to take over the US and become world’s aviation hub in the upcoming years. Thus, such growth and skyrocketing demand seem to be very reasonable.

The numbers come from the 2019 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook, which closely correlates with projections concerning new aircraft deliveries globally.

“Over the next 20 years, airlines around the world will need 44,000 new planes, with more than 17,000, or 39%, of those planes delivered to the Asia Pacific region”, Boeing said in the statement.