At Least 10 Injured By Turbulence On American Airlines Flight


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An American Airlines Airbus A330-300, registration N276AY performing flight AA-759 from Athens (Greece) to Philadelphia,PA (USA), was descending towards Philadelphia near Long Island when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing injuries to three passengers and seven cabin crew.

The aircraft continued to Philadelphia for a safe landing about 35 minutes later.

Passengers reported flight attendants were just serving drinks when the aircraft seemed to drop, everything including the drinks lifted by about 4 feet and impacted the cabin ceiling then came down again, the drinks wetting passengers and cabin crew. One flight attendant appeared to have dislodged her shoulder.

The airline reported 3 passengers and 7 cabin crew were taken to hospitals with injuries.

The FAA reported the aircraft encontered turbulence while enroute over the Atlantic Ocean.

The US Aviation Weather Service reported an A333 pilot reported moderate to severe turbulence causing 2 severe bumps and injuries to passengers and cabin crew off the eastern end of Long Island.