ATR Aims to Validate Its Aircraft Type Certification in China

Photo: ATR / BARTHE Pierre

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ATR is making efforts to clear way for its aircraft to enter China. The France-based planemaker has announced about the progress of the certification process of the ATR 42-500 with modification 5948, also known as the ATR 42-600, in China.

A three-hour certification flight test took off and landed in Toulouse in the beginning of July, 2020. The flight was operated by the ATR crew with the active involvement of the Chinese and European airworthiness authorities.

This type certification is a critical step in order to begin ATR aircraft deliveries to the Chinese customers. The ATR type certification validation in China is expected to be reached in autumn 2020.

Following the issues created by the recent crisis, regional aircraft have attracted a way more attention from the airlines worldwide. These smaller, 100-seat-below, planes are considered to be an efficient match for a decreased number of passengers and local routes.

ATR provides in a statement that China is also determined to boost its regional connectivity with regional planes, “representing only 2.5% of the overall Chinese fleet, compared to a worldwide average of 25%”.