Auckland Welcomes Emirates A380 World Record Passenger Flight

Photo: Picturematt/REX

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The longest non-stop commercial flight ever has touched down today. An Emirates Airbus A380 completed its massive journey from Dubai to Auckland in 17 hours and 15 minutes.

The plane covered an enormous 8,824 miles (14,200km). It chops three hours off the current flight time between the two cities.

The flight beat the previous record held by Qantas for their 8,574 mile trip from Sydney to Dallas.

But the record is expected to be short-lived as Emirates launch a Dubai to Panama City flight later this month which will take 17 hours 35 minutes when it begins


Emirates said it was “one of the longest air routes in the world by distance,” reports the Guardian .

The statement added: “But with the assistance of clever technology and good planning, passengers will get to their destination in the shortest possible time.

“Emirates will be using flexible routes, which can vary by day, taking advantage of tail winds and avoiding head winds to reduce the time in the air.”

Although the inaugural Dubai to Auckland flight was made by an A380, Boeing 777s will normal be used on the route.

Simon Bridges, New Zealand Transport Minister, said: “Direct flights will encourage even more trade and tourism between our two countries, by offering more choice to passengers and freight customers.”