Austrian Airlines Airbus A321 Reports Strong Odour in the Cockpit

Photo: Chris Jilli

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An Austrian Airlines Airbus A321-200, performing flight from Vienna (Austria) to Frankfurt/Main (Germany) with 161 passengers and 6 crew, reported smoke and fumes on board.

  • Aircraft was in the initial climb out of Vienna’s runway 29 when at about 2000 feet AGL the crew noticed a strong odour in the cockpit almost immediately followed by cabin crew reporting an acrid odour and smoke in the cabin and declared PAN.
  • Both flight crew donned their oxygen masks, at least one cabin crew donned the smoke hood.
  • The aircraft was vectored for a return to Vienna and landed safely on runway 34 about 15 minutes after departure.
  • The aircraft stopped on the runway for inspection by emergency services, cabin crew reported there was no visible smoke anymore, the aircraft taxied to a remote apron, where passengers disembarked via stairs.
  • There were no complaints by passengers about any health issue, the crew went to a hospital for precautionary checks after all passengers had disembarked.