Austrian Pilot Flies Words of Encouragement: ‘STAY HOME’

Photo: flightradar24

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Even in hard times people try not to lose positive attitude and stay creative. This is the case of one Austrian pilot who during his domestic journey with the Diamond DA40 light aircraft left the following message above Austria: STAY HOME.

The Austrian government has taken a number of tough emergency measures to cushion the blow of the deadly coronavirus, thus the pilot while going from Wiener Neustadt to Graz encouraged Austrians to STAY HOME and help contain the pandemic.

During these last not even weeks but days it is impossible to track the situation as everything changes within hours. Many European, and not only, countries are closing their borders to travellers, thus, the message spelled in the sky during the 24-minute flight is not an unwelcome sign to foreigners, though.

Strict, necessary, yet painful to aviation, measures are taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This personal move, most probably, could be considered as a creative way to follow the social trend #stayhome to keep the people’s spirit up.

On 16 March the flag carrier of the country Austrian Airlines also announced about its temporary shutdown until 28 March, 2020.