Aviation Voice Launches Ranking of Aviation Training Centres

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Aviation Voice, a global aviation news provider, is glad to announce the launch of an ambitious project, Ranking of Aviation Training Centres, aimed at a broad comparison of aviation training centres located all over the world.

Considering general tendencies within the rapidly developing aviation market and intensifying interest in aviation training, Aviation Voice has decided to compile the list of world’s aviation training centres. It is expected to become a useful tool for both people choosing an aviation training centre for their career development and for airlines in search for training partners.

Therefore, in order to consider the activity of aviation training centres carefully, a comprehensive methodology was developed. Every single institution included into the ranking is evaluated according to accurately calibrated performance indicators of desirable training provider.

To provide a thorough and balanced ranking, Aviation Voice data experts assess training centres against 18 key metrics, this way covering the full range of training centres’ activity areas.

Among the most important indicators with the highest influence on the rate are such as: types of programmes, opportunities of cadetship and aviation training combined with higher education studies, information about the fleet, network of flight training devices a training centre operates, etc.

“With a growing demand for pilots, also rises a need for training. It becomes harder to not get lost among all the information while choosing a training provider whether you are a future pilot or an airline. Thus, the aim of this ranking is provide them with a tool making the decision process less complicated”, comments the representative of Aviation Voice.

In addition to that, the current metrics of comparison will be supplemented with additional indicators in the near future. These will help to evaluate not only a training centre as an institution, but also the country it is located in: standard of living in the area, possibilities of active leisure, etc.

For the ranking to be effective, Aviation Voice would eagerly appreciate active aviation training centres’ contribution to the project. In order to have an accurate profile in the ranking and attract potential candidates, the information published on the website can be supplemented or updated upon request from the representatives.