Azur Air Boeing 767: Gear Fire on Landing Prompts Evacuation

Photo: Komenton /

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An Azur Air Boeing 767-300, performing flight from Nha Trang (Vietnam) to Barnaul (Russia) with 331 passengers and 10 crew, experiences fire of the right hand main gear.

The aircraft had touched down on Barnaul’s runway 24 and went around at 21:01L (14:01Z), positioned for another approach and again landed on Barnaul’s runway 24 about 10 minutes later, vacated the runway and stopped on the parallel taxiway immediately afterwards due to the right hand main gear being on fire.

Russia’s Rosaviatsia reported the landing gear caught fire just after landing, the fire was quickly extinguished. The 331 passengers and 10 crew were evacuated via slides. 

According to initial reports, so far no one required medical assistance. However, on 26 September 2019 Russia’s News Agency Interfax reported citing Altai Territories’ Health Minister that 49 people were injured, 48 of which were diagnosed with bruises and abrasions, one was hospitalized.

Interfax continued that the minister noted only 25 seeked medical assistance, seven of them demanded to be diagnosed in a hospital, one was hospitalized, two received fractures to be treated on an outpatient base, the rest received bruises.

In the same article Interfax reports that according to West Siberia’s Investigative Department the number of injured rose to 56 by the morning stating in a second article: “56 people turned to the airport’s medical unit after the incident, one of them was hospitalized in a medical facility.”