BAA Training Ends the Year With Doubled Training Capabilities

Photo: BAA Training

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BAA Training, one of TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe, announces receiving the second of the two additional full flight simulators acquired in 2018.

Airbus A320 FFS has already been assembled and is ready for training at BAA Training headquarters in Vilnius. With the current addition, the aviation training academy doubles its type rating training capabilities as it operates 4 full flight simulators in total.

Recently BAA Training has made an announcement about the brand new Boeing 737 Next Generation full flight simulator, which along with Airbus A320 FFS has been settled in the brand new, modern training building of almost 650 square meters. Together with the building and new equipment, BAA Training has invested up to 23 M Euros into type rating training in 2018.

With every full flight simulator, the training academy is able to offer additional 7,300 hours for flight training.

The Boeing 737 Next Generation FFS is oriented to meet the growing need of the airline crew training: Boeing states that by October of this year it had already delivered 450 Boeing 737 series aircraft, and has orders for additional 453.

Since 2016 BAA Training has been actively working in partnership with such companies as Wizz Air, Avion Express, SmartLynx, Laos Skyway, Bay Viet providing Cadet programs. According to Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO of BAA Training, with the launch of the cadet programs aviation academy started increasing the number of Ab Initio school students by 70%. While providing complex training solutions the need for training capability expansion appeared not only in terms of Ab Initio training but type rating as well.

“Since the requirements for recurrent and type rating training on the quality level increase from most of our customers, BAA Training fulfils airline request for more qualified training by investing into newer devices.

With the performance-based navigation, upset recovery, modern visual system and other functionality in the additional Airbus A320 full flight simulator we are ready to meet the latest standard airline flight crew training needs.

Adding the first and the only of such kind in the Baltic States – Airbus A320 Door and OWE and Slide trainer acquired this year – a full scope of Airbus A320 crew training in one place will help our clients to save both time and money”, adds Egle Vaitkeviciute.

Source: BAA Training