BAA Training Invests over 1.2M EUR into Ab Initio Training Equipment

Photo: Aidas Statulevicius / BAA Training

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BAA Training, one of the biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe, is expanding its Ab Initio flight school capacity by investing over 1.2M EUR into new learning material and equipment.

Recently, the Academy has purchased 4 new aircraft, two Cessna 172 and two Tecnam T2002, which are expected to join the fleet currently consisting of 2 Cessna 172, 2 Tecnam P2006T and 9 Tecnam P2002JF aircraft. The brand new four aircraft are due to be delivered to BAA Training and arrive in Vilnius by the middle of July.

Last year BAA Training used 8,000 hours for training students in the aircraft and the Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer. Meanwhile this year the training centre aims to utilize 18,000 hours, more than doubling the number of the previous year. Depending on the calculations, the new aircraft will add nearly 6,000 more hours per year.

Therefore, the fleet expansion is a fundamental step in order to maintain the growing demand for BAA Training Cadet programs with Wizz Air, SmartLynx, Small Planet Airlines and Avion Express.

“Investment into Ab Initio training equipment is crucial in order to maintain a successful growth of the company. Expanding the pool of clients, correspondingly increasing the number of new students and striving to deliver training of the highest quality we need a proper amount of the training tools.

Notably, in order to follow the aviation academy’s growth plans and prepare over 200 new pilots each year, in the upcoming 5 years, BAA Training is set to even double its fleet with similar models of the training aircraft”, comments Martynas Mazeika, Chief Operations Officer at BAA Training.

In addition to the fleet expansion, this June BAA Training has also invested into obtaining new learning materials for ATPL training – Padpilot. The new training tool is expected to help deliver theoretical training smoother and in a more student-friendly way.

Padpilot iBooks are available via iPads and even incorporate 3D technologies. The iPad-based learning materials cover interactive books with animations and videos, incorporate workbook system for progress tests and provide students, as well as the Academy itself, with a number of additional benefits.

“With Padpilot we expect to provide the most modern EASA ATPL training in the world. Notably, the iPads with Padpilot materials will be used not only for in-class preparation, but also for practical training. It means that our students will utilize iPads while flying the aircraft, they will have access to all the theoretical elements, needed to perform the flight properly, and will have all the data accessible immediately”, explains Boris Bratusevac, Ab Initio Department Director at BAA Training.

To ensure all-year-round training for its students, BAA Training is going to start delivering flight training at a new flight base in Lleida-Alguaire International Airport in Spain already this October.

Source: BAA Training Press Release