BAA Training Launches a New Cadet Program with Airline Pilot Job Guarantee


Photo: BAA Training

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Responding to the ramp-up of the aviation recovery and the reemerging pilot shortage, BAA Training, one of the TOP three independent aviation training providers in Europe, is launching a unique value BAA Training Cadet Program. The new program for future pilots offers training from zero to an airline-ready First Officer with a job guarantee at one of BAA Training partner airlines. The pilot training program designed for the European market will help airlines ensure timely recruitment of highly competent pilots and solve the main dilemma of many – finding a pilot job at an airline right after the training.

Marijus Ravoitis, CEO of BAA Training, says: “Our ATO is one of a few in Europe with an entire training infrastructure, from Ab Initio to Type Rating, with flight academy and multiple simulator training centres. It makes it feasible for us to facilitate the recruitment of pilots for a number of partner airlines that strive to meet their growing staff capacity needs. We aim to build a competitive advantage for our partner airlines and present them the best prospective pilotsWe have a great deal of experience preparing pilots for well-known operators, such as Turkish Airlines, WizzAir, LOT Polish Airlines, SmartLynx Airlines, Avion Express and others”.

The exclusivity of the BAA Training Cadet Program lies in passing the candidacy of high-performing students to a pool of multiple airlines with current job openings at once instead of a predefined one. The program that can be completed in Lithuania or Spain (or both) consists of ATPL Integrated, Type Rating, Base Training and employment as an airline pilot within six months after receiving a pilot licence.

Aiming to maximize the recruitment success rate of our student pilots and provide them with cutting-edge training, we will embed VR technology into the curriculum, assign a personal career coach to each student, dedicate a state-of-art Airbus and Boeing family ful flight simulators in BAA Training simulator training centres in Lithuania and Spain.

Source: BAA Training