BAA Training Vietnam and Bamboo Airways Ink a Long-term Agreement on Full Flight Simulator

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Photo: BAA Training Vietnam

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A pilot training centre BAA Training Vietnam, a part of global aerospace group Avia Solutions Group, and Bamboo Airways, a Vietnamese airline owned by the FLC Group, have strengthened the reliable and long-term partnership with a 5-year contract from 2021 up until 2026. Under this contract, Bamboo Airways plegdes to prioritize using full flight simulator (FFS) A320/1 lease service of BAA Training Vietnam. The second part of the agreement covers A320 and E190 Type Rating services for Bamboo Airways pilots, with ATP Bridging, MCC and JOC included in the package.


In addition, BAA Training’s facilities in Europe will be the first choice of Bamboo Airways when it comes to selecting Type Rating or dry lease services for FFS A320/1 outside of Vietnam.

Managing Director of BAA Training Vietnam, Vytautas Jankauskas, says: “We have been partnering with Bamboo Airways from the very beginning of our operations in 2019. Now we are fostering this time-tested cooperation further and will invest additionally to meet the client’s needs. Responsible approach towards training quality, ambitious expansion plans and willingness to add up to the aviation sector’s prosperity in Vietnam and South-East Asia is what ties Bamboo Airways and BAA Training Vietnam together.”

“Apart from the Type Rating and dry lease services portfolio that we will offer to the carrier, we will soon join forces with it and introduce a new MPL training program following EASA’s rules and regulations.,” adds Vytautas.


Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways, Nguyen Ngoc Trong, comments: “We are more than pleased to further build on our trust-based partnership with BAA Training Vietnam. Bamboo Airways has dramatically accelerated its fleet expansion to 30 aircraft of Airbus 320 family, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, and Embraer 190 just after three years of operation.  With that being said, there exists a significant necessary for full flight simulator training to ensure the efficient and seamless operation of Bamboo Airways in the coming future.”

“We have been setting up explicit operation plans and poised to ramp up our fleet as well as domestic and international flight network, especially to the most fiercely competitive markets such as the Americas and Europe.,” he emphasizes.    

New training and equipment at BAA Training Vietnam

In summer 2021, BAA Training Vietnam has introduced an ATP Bridging Course. It is a theoretical course that allows CPL holders to master ATPL theory to the standard outlined by CAAV. Having passed the exam, they get eligible for proceeding further with Type Rating and eventually joining a Vietnamese airline.

In Q2 2022, BAA Training Vietnam will take a delivery of a new fixed base training device – Airbus A320 FTD Level 2 – which will provide the airlines an opportunity to substantially cut their spending without losing the quality of the training they get. BAA Training Vietnam will implement this efficiency measure by transferring part of simulator training from a more expensive FFS to a more affordable FTD within the regulatory framework. The facility will also welcome a new type of FFS – Boeing 737 MAX – in Q3 2022.

Source: BAA Training Vietnam