Bamboo Airways Starts Hiring Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pilots

Bamboo Airways 787

Photo: Photo: Boeing

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Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways is looking to expand its pool of Boeing 787 Dreamliner pilots. While it is still unclear when the travel recovery will be in its full swing, the airline wants to be all set once the demand comes back.

Bamboo has posted the requirements for candidate First Officers, Captains and Instructors. Both Vietnamese and ex-pats are considered. While pilots with a total of 3,000 flight hours can apply for a First Officer’s role, 6,000 flight hours can help land a Captain’s or Instructor’s position. Moreover, First Officers are also expected to have 500 hours on type (for the Vietnamese) and 1,500 hours on type (for ex-pats). Requirements for Captains and Instructors are 1,500 hours on type (for both Vietnamese and ex-pats).

In operation for just two years, Bamboo Airways already has 29 aircraft, among which three are 787-9s. They are mainly servicing the domestic premium route between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. However, from time to time, they also complete repatriation flights from Europe.

The newly hired pilots will likely be flying to Europe and, potentially, the US and Australia. The airline aimed to launch routes to Prague last year, but the industry shakeup prevented it from happening. However, it has secured slots at London Heathrow.

As the airline plans to double its fleet by the end of the year, it is no surprise hiring pilots. Bamboo is also actively publishing adverts for Embraer E190 and Airbus A320 pilots.

Source: Bamboo Airways