Berlin Tegel is Officially No Longer an Airport

Tegel Airport

Photo: Photo: Berlin Tegel Airport

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Although Berlin Tegel Airport stopped flights half a year ago, officially, it lost its airport status on Wednesday at midnight.

For half a year, pilots were still allowed to switch to Tegel Airport if necessary. However, it was not used for flights in recent months but served as one of six vaccination centres in Berlin. So on Wednesday midnight, the permit for takeoffs and landing officially expired.

Following the news, the state-owned Tegel Projekt GmbH will take care of the site’s further development. The Beuth University of Applied Sciences is about to move into the iconic main terminal of the former airport. Tegel Projekt GmbH also has plans to build around 5,000 new timber apartments and an industrial park.

“As of May 5th, the site is no longer an airport, even in the legal sense,” announced the operator, the Airport Association of Berlin-Brandenburg (FBB).