Boeing 737 MAX 10 Will Not Be Delivered Until 2023


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In its 10-K filing, Boeing reported that Boeing 737 MAX 10 would reach its first customers not earlier than in 2023, which is a two-year deviation from the original plan. The smallest narrowbody, the 737 MAX 7, will start being delivered in 2021, although initially it was expected by 2020.

 “We now anticipate that the first 737 MAX 10 and 777X delivery will occur in 2023. This schedule reflects a number of factors, including an updated assessment of global certification requirements informed by continued discussions with regulators and resulting in a management decision to make modifications to the aircraft’s design,” Boeing reported in its 10-K filing.

The customers who want to incorporate Boeing 737 MAX 10 into their fleets are the American United Airlines and the Vietnamese VietJet. United would like to receive 100 aircraft, whereas VietJet has placed orders for 80. Among the European airlines keeping an eye on the newest 737 MAX models is Ryanair. When the carrier was arranging for additional Boeing 737 MAX 200 airplanes, the CEO Michael O’Leary did mention the company might be looking to invest in the biggest variant in the future.

Boeing 737 MAX 10, the largest of the 737 family, competes with the A321 from Airbus. Although Boeing’s loyal customers are forced to wait for this machine, the aircraft has evident benefits, such as the capacity for up to 230 seats compared to 170-200 seats the A321 is equipped with. However, the maximum range of the Boeing 737 MAX 10 is up to 3,300 nm (6,110 km) compared to 4,000 nm (7,410) of the A321LR.

Source: Boeing