Boeing 787: Once a Troubled Child – Now a Chance of Survival

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While Boeing 737 MAX is grounded and comes under close scrutiny, while Boeing 737 NG aircraft is dealing with some problems related to the cracks on the “pickle fork” structure, Boeing 787 program comes with a help.

During Dubai Airshow 2019 the Dreamliner program has already secured over 30 orders. What once seemed to be a troubled child, now could be considered as the “chance of survival”. Presently, the 787 model is among the main sources of cash for Boeing.

Among the biggest orders for the 787 type was placed by Emirates, a Dubai-based airline, the long-standing Boeing customer which currently operates over a hundred of Boeing 777 aircraft. Now the airline has decided to shift not only from Airbus A380 to Airbus A350, but also from Boeing 777 to Boeing 787.

Boeing and Emirates announced they have finalized a purchase agreement for 30 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, valued at $8.8 billion according to list prices.

As part of the agreement, Emirates will update a portion of its large order book by exercising substitution rights and converting 30 777 planes into 30 787-9s. With this conversion, Emirates remains the world’s biggest 777X customer with 126 planes on order and the largest 777 operator with 155 aircraft today.

Also, two Boeing 787 aircraft were booked by Biman Bangladesh Airlines and three aircraft of the type were ordered by the Republic of Ghana in order to re-launch an airline starting with the 787-9 Dreamliner.