Boeing in Discussions with Chinese 737 MAX Customers

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In order not to lose its Chinese customers, Boeing is holding another series of discussions on the Boeing 737 MAX issues.

The aircraft manufacturer expects to gather for talks with the representatives from such airlines as China Southern, Air China, China Eastern, Xiamen Airlines and Hainan Airlines.

Since April 2019 this is the second round of talks with pilots, engineers as well as technical representatives from the major Chinese carriers. All discussions are aimed at making the return of the 737 MAX aircraft to service quicker and more efficient.

Boeing is extremely interested in maintaining good relations with Chinese airlines, as the region is among the biggest customers for the troubled aircraft program.

China was the first country to ban MAX aircraft from its airspace amid safety concerns following the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash in March 2019. According to FlightGlobal, currently Chines carriers have a total of 97 aircraft of this type grounded and 214 still on the order list.