British Airways Airbus A380 Lands With Square Tire


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A British Airways Airbus A380 aircraft which took of from Hong Kong, landed at London Heathrow Airport with a square tire.

The aircraft, an Airbus A380, registration G-XLEB, was performing flight BA32.

According to AvHerald, the crew received a tyre pressure indication after reaching top of climb.

Checking flightradar24 data, it is seen that the incident happened at 40,000 feet, and is not an incident which happened during landing, because of a tire burst. Now that’s interesting.

An experts says Airbus A380 tyres are 1400x530R23 40PR, the tires are strong, but have light sidewalls.

“The tyre is square because it deflated at altitude,” the expert says.

The expert says that he has seen similar incidents on A340-600 type of aircraft which has the same tire size.

According to AvHerald, the flight deck crew of British Airways A380 requested a tow tug from Heathrow Airport upon landing, but the plane was able to taxi to the ramp without the need of a tow tug after landing.

A spokesperson for British Airways told that they quickly changed the ‘square’ tire, and the A380 airliner went back into service.

The Airbus A380 has a main landing gear with 20 tires.