Capital Beijing A320 Drops Nose Wheels on Hard Touchdown

Photo: Danny Yu,

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A Capital Airlines Beijing Airbus A320-200 was on final approach to Macau’s runway 34 into the flare already when the aircraft encountered wind shear and touched down hard.

The crew initiated a go around, received indications of left engine (CFM56) failure and suspecting gear damage declared Mayday. The aircraft diverted to Shenzhen (China) and landed on runway 34 about 40 minutes after the rejected landing.

The aircraft became disabled on the runway with both nose wheels missing from the nose gear strut.

Runway 34 was closed for about 3 hours until the aircraft was moved off the runway. Runway 15/33 remained operational. The missing wheels were recovered from Macau’s runway.

The aircraft was evacuated. 5 passengers were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. Shenzhen’s runway 34 was temporarily closed. The CAA Shenzhen have opened an investigation into the occurrence.

The airline reported the aircraft is suspected to have encountered windshear while landing at Macau, the crew immediately initiated a go around, suspected damage to the landing gear and declared emergency. The aircraft diverted to Shenzhen where the 157 passengers and 9 crew were evacuated.