Close to 100 % State Funding of Commercial Pilot Education in Norway from 2017

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The Norwegian parliament has decided that Norwegian students for commercial pilot education now will get close to 100 % funding from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. This is a very beneficial funding with no requirement for securing of the loan, no interest during education and a moderate pay back scheme.

Frode Granlund CEO of Pilot Flight Academy (PFA) says “Pilot education is very competitive in Norway, since there are no VAT or tax on education in Norway. The total cost of the integrated education is less than € 100 000. Norwegian students will now get state funding of approximately € 91 000 for the tuition in addition to general student aid for living expenses of € 23 000 for two years.”

“We believe this is the model the rest of the world needs to solve the Global Pilot Shortage, and the way to help the best suited candidates to become pilots”

PFA is an International flight academy with around 100 students on the Integrated Airline Ready Education Program, and the students come from more than 10 countries.

PFA has a fleet of all new environmental friendly Diamond aircraft, and the education includes 35 hours of airline oriented MCC/JOC in the academy’s advanced MPS 737-800 simulator.

PFA has over the last years invested in new aircraft, simulators, professional flight instructors, top modern education programs and facilities to meet the coming demand of new airline pilots, and has now a capacity for education of more than 200 students per year. They can also provide MPL programs.

“We believe this new funding is an excellent opportunity for European airlines to establish long lasting and sustainable cadet- and career programs for new students”

Source: PFA Press Release