Condor’s Airbus Fleet Upgraded with Vortex Generators

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Condor’s entire fleet of Airbus aircraft, seven Airbus A321 and nine Airbus A320, is now equipped with Vortex generators. The upgrading process was started in November 2014. The company’s six new Airbus A321-211 aircraft already had this additional feature upon delivery.

Vortex generators are aerodynamic devices that are attached to the wings to aid in reducing the Airbus-typical whistling noise created during approach. The noise is generated by the wing tank vents on the bottom surface of the wings. Vortex generators create air turbulences (vortex) that prevent the development of noise. Thereby, the noise level for Offenbach, for example, during approach to Frankfurt airport, is reduced by more than 4 decibel. In addition, the high frequency of the whistling sounds is perceived as particularly unpleasant so that noticeable improvements in the perceived loudness are achieved, even in the low-decibel range.

“The upgrade was done on a voluntary basis. This is an investment by Condor in active noise protection and makes Condor one of the first German airlines to upgrade their entire Airbus fleet with the generator,” said Uwe Balser, Chief Operations Officer at Condor.

Moreover, the new Airbus A321-211 aircraft delivered ex works to Condor in the context of the fleet renewal programme of the Thomas Cook Group, are equipped with sharklets. Sharklets are aerodynamic wingtip extensions for Airbus aircraft which reduce the consumption of fuel.

“In addition to the installation of the latest technologies and the fleet renewal programme, Condor is actively involved in developing innovative, low-noise approach methods,” continues Mr. Balser. “One example is the so-called steep segmented approach: The approaching aircraft remains at a greater altitude for a longer time to then use a steeper approach profile to the touch-down point. We also take our commitment for this newly developed method to groups of experts we cooperate with such as “Forum Flughafen & Region.”

Source: Condor press release