Crew Injured After Sichuan Airlines A319 Cockpit Window Breaks Off


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A Sichuan Airlines Airbus A319-100 was enroute west of Chengdu over mountaineous terrain, when the right hand windshield burst completely, the glass hitting and injuring the First Officer.

The aircraft made an emergency landing in the southwest Chinese city of Chengdu. Luckily, none of the 119 passengers on board were hurt in the accident.

However, the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s (CAAC) Southwest Regional Administration reported that a co-pilot and crew member suffered minor injuries.

China’s CAAC reported the first officer received a waist sprain and scratches when the right hand windshield shattered and separated. A member of the cabin crew received injuries, too. The captain remained unharmed. The occurrence is being investigated.

Sichuan Airlines claimed the incident was the result of a “mechanical failure,” but no details have been given as to what caused the windshield to break off.