Deer Jet To Operate The World’s First VIP 787 Boeing Business Jet


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Deer Jet, the largest business jet company in Asia, is to become the operator of world’s first VVIP BBJ 787. Deer Jet and Boeing announced jointly at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE), the largest business aviation event in Europe.

The Boeing 787 series is also known as the “Dreamliner.” This VIP BBJ 787 is truly a “Dream Jet.” It has a range of 16,000 kilometers and can fly nonstop for 17.5 hours at Mach 0.85. Its lower cabin pressure, fresher air and the 220m2 large cabin area would ensure an extremely comfortable flying experience.

At a media event evening held by Boeing on May 22, Denzil White, President of Deer Jet’s subsidiary Hong Kong Jet, said: “This VIP BBJ 787 is the most high-end business jet in the world. Becoming its operator shows the strength of Deer Jet’s global operations capabilities.”

Zhang Peng, Chairman and President of Deer Jet, said: “Over the past few years, our strategy of ‘Customer Experience Focus’ has not only brought us more clients, but also allowed us to raise the standards of service to a new level. Although the 787 BBJ is a brand new model for us, we are fully capable of operating it and granting the best experience to our clients.

At the same time, we will work with HNA-CAISSA Touristic Group to develop a tailor-made journey, using the 787 BBJ, so that more people can experience the beauty of high-end customized travel.”

“This 787 BBJ will push us to grow faster,” said Zhang Peng.

Deer Jet currently operates nearly 90 business jets, including 4 BBJ, which means it already has significant experience operating Boeing Business Jets. The famous tourism brand under HNA group, CAISSA Touristic, has also entered the high-end custom-tailored tourism market over the last two years and has achieved marked success.

Deer Jet has developed very rapidly over the past few years. It established Deer Jet (Beijing), Deer Jet (Shanghai) and Hong Kong Jet to optimize its network, it has collaborated with Gulfstream and Dassault Aviation to improve maintenance services.

It also has established Honor Aviation Support, and has opened 8 FBOs across China. In 2015, Deer Jet’s domestic market share rose to 70%, and its international flight hours exceeded 50%. Deer Jet also received the ‘World Leading Private Jet Charter’ award at the World Travel Awards (WTA), further raising the company’s market reputation.

Deer Jet is on its 21st year of operation. It is a full subsidiary of HNA Group, a Fortune Global 500 company. It started the business aviation industry in China, and is still a pioneer in the market. With the vision of building a world-class business aviation brand, Deer Jet is taking solid steps in the expansion of its international service network, and becoming a global award-winning business jet operator.

Source: Deer Jet press release