Delta Airlines MD-88 Encounters Handling Problems

Delta Airlines

Photo: Tis Meyer

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A Delta Airlines McDonnel Douglas MD-88, performing flight from Atlanta to Buffalo (USA) with 80 passengers and 5 crew,  reported handling problems.
  • Aircraft was climbing through FL240 out of Atlanta when the crew decided to divert to Knoxville reporting they had experienced an airborne windshear resulting in aircraft handling issues.
  • The aircraft landed safely on Knoxville’s runway 23L about 16 minutes later.
  • Passengers reported the aircraft suffered a big jolt and shuddered, then the captain announced they would divert to Knoxville and land in about 15 minutes. Emergency services received the aircraft and inspected the tail area of the aircraft.
  • The airline reported the aircraft diverted due to a possible engine (JT8D) issue.