Drone Regulations Come into Effect in Japan

Photo: airshare.co.nz

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Japan’s revised civil aviation law that regulates the use of drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles came into effect on Thursday.

The new regulations require operators to get government approval to fly such aircraft in areas designated as densely populated, at events, and near airports, public broadcaster NHK reported.

Permission is also required for flying out of the operator’s sight, or at night.

Users will have to report the purpose of a flight, the route, and the production number of the machine.

They must also have at least 10 hours of experience flying a vehicle.

The rules provide for fines of up to 500,000 yen (about US$4,000) for operating an unmanned aerial vehicle without necessary permission.

The new regulations come after a drone was discovered on the roof of the Prime Minister’s Office in April.

Source: chinaaviationdaily.com