DroneFest 2016 at SkyTech Drone Expo

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With the world of film and photography changing as fast as new drones can be developed, artists around the world are celebrating. New York hosted the first NYC Drone Film Festival in 2015, and now the UK’s first international drone centered film and photography competition, DRONEFEST, will be seen for one night only during London’s SkyTech Drone Expo in January.

The DRONEFEST competition is still accepting submissions until December 13, 2015.

“We are searching for the best in drone filming and photography. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional cinematographer, new to drones or have been in it since the beginning, we want your entries.”

There are five categories in the competition, as described by DRONEFEST:

  1. Showreel – Want to showcase a range of your cinematography work? Show off your technical skills in our showreel category.
  2. Lifestyle – This one is for the adventurous. Have you captured that unforgettable moment with your drone? Maybe its extreme sports, amazing people & places, FPV racing footage? Show us your awe-inspiring moments.
  3. Wonders of the Natural World – This category is all about capturing the great outdoors. Whether its amazing open spaces, extraordinary coastal scenes or breathtaking panoramic views, showcase our changing environment through our wonders of the natural world category.
  4. Short Feature Film – Tell us a story in 10 minutes or less.
  5. Amateur – Are you new to drones but still have some amazing aerial footage? Enter our amateur category to make your mark on the drone industry.

In addition to the five film categories, there are four separate classes for still photographs taken from a drone:

  1. Landscapes & Nature – Drones are perfect for capturing our relationship with nature. Whether in sunshine or cloud, at home or abroad, a familiar landscape or something we’ve never seen before, show us your best stills of the natural landscape.
  2. People & Places – This category is dedicated to our interaction with the world around us. Whether of individuals or groups, amazing places or both, capture the perfect moment with your drone.
  3. Architecture – Encapsulate the beauty of design and engineering in our architecture category. Whether an individual building or a broad cityscape showcase your best photographs of the built environment.
  4. You & Your Drone – This category is all about you and your drone: Show us your “go to drone”, perhaps the perfect dronie. Maybe your photograph doesn’t fit into one of our other categories – this is where you can showcase the wild and wonderful of drone photography.


Source: dronelife.com
Photo:  dpmag.com