Dubai Airport CEO Reveals Details of World’s Largest Airport Plans

Photo: AFP

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Dubai Airport CEO Paul Griffiths has revealed more detail around the city’s plan to build the world’s largest airport.

DWC at Al Maktoum International will be built modularly; terminals will be added on as needed to eventually to host 240 million passengers by 2030.

“Our motivation behind doing this is to raise aviation’s share of Dubai’s GDP to 45 percent by 2030,” Griffiths told a private gathering of industry leaders yesterday.

Aviation brought in $26.7 billion to Dubai in 2013, accounting for 27 percent of GDP and generating 416,500 jobs, 21 percent of the city’s total. By 2030, aviation is being prepped to bring in $88.1 billion to Dubai and generate close to 1.2 million jobs to employ 35 percent of the city’s workforce.

The plan will take place in multiple phases. Dubai International’s capacity will be grown with small and mid-sized infrastructure improvements to 118 million by 2023. DWC’s PTB expansion will bring traveller levels to 26 million next year before phase 2 will deliver add 104 million in capacity by 2025 when Emirates Airlines’ is being scheduled to move to operations to the airport.

Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed had approved plans for the new airport expansion at a cost of $32 billion in 2014. Last week the city sealed a $3 billion plan for long-term financing toward the first stage of DWC’s expansion.