Dubai Airports CEO: Too Many Issues With The Circular Runway


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Dubai Airports CEO has said that the circular runway has too many issues with it to be feasible.

In conversation with Aviation Business last month, Paul Griffiths said, “I think there are too many issues with it. I think a large aircraft turning landing effectively with a constant turning radius will put a lot of sideways load on the undercarriage and some of the very large aircraft, the undercarriage are already at the upper echelons of their design benefit.”

Proposed by researchers from the Netherlands, the circular runway has been proposed to reduce issues at airports involving runway congestion, noise, and environmental footprint.

The 5.3 km wide runway was posed to be 5.3 kilometres wide and banked on the sides. Researchers say up to three planes could take and land in any direction simultaneously without being adversely subjected to wind shear.

“They say you can land whichever way the wind is blowing, but then once you land then the winds might not be favourable. It’s a very technical exercise, an interesting proposition, but practically speaking has too many problems to be a viable proposition,” said Griffiths.