EASA Certifies Cargo Seat Bags for A320 Family Aircraft Cabins

Photo: Colibri Aero

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The coronavirus has accelerated development of various advancements to help aviation better cope with the crisis and maintain vitally important supply lines worldwide.

One of the latest achievements – cargo seat bags for Airbus A320 family aircraft passenger cabins to transport commercial and humanitarian supplies developed by Colibri Aero and J&C Aero.

Both companies, headquartered in Lithuania, began their work on this cabin modification last year. However, after the first signs of the emerging health crisis, already in January, 2020, the team of developers increased their resources  to come up with the solution sooner.

Now, considering the current situation, this modification for the Airbus A320 family planes has been approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

According to a statement, the cargo seat bag is a “spacious 76x76x147 cm (30x30x58 inches) kit for a triple seat, with up to 75 kg (165 lb) of cargo to be stored on the seat and additional 9 kg – under the seat, totaling 252 kg (555 lb) per a triple seat block”.

The companies also reveal that this modification could be promptly applied to passenger cabins, while the installation of the kit could be done in several minutes.

In terms of cargo types, these bags allow effectively load passenger cabins with “postal correspondence, household goods, electronics and other commercial cargo to medical equipment and other kinds of humanitarian supplies”.

The modification option came in a very right time. Now, a lot of passenger aircraft are recruited for cargo operations. For example, Avion Express has recently joined the team of carriers operating exclusively cargo flights to secure the world with much needed supplies.