EASA Opinion on AIR OPS Balloons Published

Photo: weekendelux.com

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EASA published draft revised European operational rules for balloons. This activity was conducted in the context of the EASA General Aviation Road Map which represents a change towards more proportionate and simpler rules for General Aviation.

At present, the operational rules for balloons are integrated into Regulation 965/2012 which concerns air operations for all aircraft, including large passenger jets. With the new approach, a separate draft regulation has been established only addressing balloons. This new draft regulation contains simpler and proportionate operational rules, without compromising safety. The draft new rules are split up into two subparts: one subpart is applicable to all balloon operations and one subpart contains additional rules for commercial operations. It is expected that especially balloon operators are welcoming the new regulatory framework.

The EASA Opinion 01/2016 on ‘Revision of the European operational rules for balloons’ is addressed to the European Commission which will use it to prepare the corresponding final regulation

Source: easa.europa.eu