EASA Proposes Simpler, Lighter, Better CS-23 Small Aircraft Certification Standards

Photo: universe.ida.dk

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EASA has issued NPA 2016-05 “reorganisation of CS-23”, proposing an update of certification standards for small aircraft.

The proposal introduces a new concept for certification, by reducing the number of requirements from 399 detailed technical requirements to 67 safety objectives.

It is not just the reduction of requirements that is ground-breaking, but also that the remaining requirements, as they have become safety objectives to be achieved, are written in such a way that they enable innovation and the use of new technologies.

Therefore, new technology that meets the safety objectives in this reorganised CS-23 can be certified in accordance with approved procedures without the need for special conditions.

Another key objective of this proposal is harmonisation with the similar proposal from the FAA for Part 23, with which several differences remain.

These differences are highlighted in the document, in order to invite stakeholders to comment on the best way towards harmonisation.

Source: EASA Press Release