Embraer Plans to Launch Its Turboprop Next Year

Embraer turboprop

Photo: Embraer

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Embraer has recently shared its plans to launch its new turboprop project at some point next year.

“We are still working on a turboprop and hope to launch the program in 2022,” Mr Meijer was quoted by FlightGlobal. “It will really stand apart from the products out there today.”

Embraer says that the new turboprop based on the E-jet family will ‘bring new passenger appeal to the segment’ and could be in service by 2027. However, the new project does not imply that the plane manufacturer would step out of building jets. However, the turboprop will be a convenient option for smaller capacity, short-haul, and staying environmentally friendly.

If the project goes into production, it will be the first time since 2001 that Embraer had made turboprop planes, which is when it stopped production of its EMB 120 after close to 20 years.

Source: Embraer