Embraer’s Sucessful Growth in 2015

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Brazilian manufacturer Embraer ended 2015 with firm orders from 13 customers for 185 commercial aviation jets, a 24.2% increase over 2014. In total, Embraer’s 2015 orders comprised 94 E175s, 40 E195-E2s, 21 E195s, 17 E190-E2s and 13 E190s.

Cumulatively, Embraer’s major orders for the year came from SkyWest Airlines (52 E175s ordered, valued at approximately $2.3 billion); Azul (30 E195-E2s ordered, valued at $1.9 billion); US lessor Aircastle (25 E190-E2s ordered, valued at $1.5 billion); China’s Hainan Airlines (20 E195s and two E190-E2s ordered, valued at $1.1 billion) and KLM (17 E175s and two E190s ordered, valued at $856 million).

Embraer delivered 101 commercial aviation aircraft to 13 customers during the year – a 9.8% increase over the company’s 92 commercial aviation deliveries in 2014. In total, Embraer delivered 82 E175 models, nine E195s, eight E190s and two E170s.

Embraer’s major delivery customers in 2015 included SkyWest (which took delivery of 25 E175s); American Airlines (24 E175s); Republic Airlines (18 E175s); United Airlines (11 E175s) and Brazilian LCC Azul (seven E195s).

Embraer logged five new firm orders for 39 commercial aircraft in the 2015 fourth-quarter, including orders for 26 E175s from SkyWest (19 of which are to be operated under a Capacity Purchase Agreement with Delta Air Lines), eight E175s from Mesa Airlines, two optioned E175s for KLM and an E195 for Arkia Israel Airlines. 18 cancellations/changes were noted during the fourth-quarter as well, as 15 E175s for Republic and eight E190s for an undisclosed customer were taken off the order books.

Embraer delivered 33 commercial aviation aircraft in the 2015 fourth-quarter, a 1.1% increase over the year-ago quarter. Twenty of the delivered aircraft were E175 models, including nine to American Airlines, six to Republic, three to Mesa and two to SkyWest. Embraer’s other fourth-quarter deliveries included: six E195s (four to Azul and two to Hainan Airlines); five E190s (two to Colorful Guizhou Airlines, two to KLM and one to Hebei Airlines) and two E170s to Japan Air Lines.

As of Dec. 31, Embraer’s firm order backlog was $22.5 billion, up $400 million from the end of the 2015 third quarter. 513 aircraft are in Embraer’s firm order backlog queue, including 169 E175s, 100 E175-E2s, 90 E195-E2s, 77 E190-E2s, 55 E190s, 19 E195s and three E170s.

Source: atwonline.com