Emirates Brings Back Up to 100 Pilots a Month

Emirates 777

Photo: shutterstock.com

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Emirates is currently bringing back pilots put on leave at the pace of 70-100 pilots a month as it sees an upward trend on many of its international routes.

Ina n interview with media, Adel Ahmed Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer at Emirates, said the passenger load factor increased to about 70% in recent months compared with 44% last year.

“Almost all of our Boeing 777s pilots are back at work,” he said. “Regarding our A380 pilots, we will start building the numbers up as we put more aircraft back in operation.

“We are constrained with the number of training sessions that we can hold in our simulator, but we are currently working on bringing in between 70 to 100 pilots per month to re-train.”

Emirates sees an increase in bookings for destinations including Russia, Egypt, Turkey and Greece.

Source: thenationalnews.com