Emirates Uses Eye-Tracking Tech to Prepare Pilots

Photo: arabianbusiness.com

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Emirates has been working with Australia-based computer-vision technology company Seeing Machines in an effort to understand how pilots interact and monitor instruments in-flight.

According to the airline, the findings will allow Emirates to improve training procedures and help flight crew prepare for a wide range of in-flight scenarios.

As part of the partnership, Emirates and Seeing Eye are using non-intrusive head and eye-tracking technology that allows for the collection of “gaze data” from Emirates pilots training on flight simulators.

In a statement, Emirates noted that the decision to use actual training environments and scenarios was made to improve the quality of the collected data, which can then be analysed and fed back into the training system.

Seeing Machines, which is based in Canberra, works with a number of other high-profile companies around the world, including Boeing, Bosch, Caterpillar, LG and Panasonic.

Source: aviationbusinessme.com