Estonian Nordica Starts Flying Under Its Own Name


Photo: Photo: Nordica

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Estonian Nordica has recently been issued its own International Air Transport Association (IATA) code, meaning that now it will operate under its own name. Previously, flights with Nordica were purchased through the ticket sales systems of other companies, and LOT Polish Airlines was one of main Nordica’s partners.

Chief Commercial Officer Deepak Ahluwalia said in a statement: “Fully breaking away from LOT Polish Airlines and ensuring we have the capacity we need to operate independently are developments that have occurred over the last year or so.”

The first regular flight operated by Nordica under its own name took off from Tallinn at 11:20 on August 1st to serve the Gällivare-Arvidjaur-Stockholm route the airline won for itself in a Swedish public procurement. Ahluwalia says that route procurements represent the most considerable potential for Nordica since, amid the coronavirus pandemic, carriers are not willing to take the risk of launching routes of questionable profitability.

Nordica is part of the Nordic Aviation Group, which was founded in 2015. The group includes Nordica’s subsidiary “Regional Jet,” operating under the Xfly brand.

Source: Nordica