Etihad Gets EASA Approval to Train Boeing 777 & 787 Pilots

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Etihad Aviation Training, which a part of Etihad Aviation Group, has secured approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to provide training for Boeing 777 and 787 pilots.

In 2018 Etihad Aviation Training became the first EASA-approved training organisation (ATO) in Middle East to offer Airbus A320, A330 and A340 training.

Now, in turn, the same training centre has achieved another “the first in the Middle East region“. This time by being approved by the EASA to deliver Boeing 777 and 787 training for European carriers and the ones that are allow to operate under European standards.

According to Captain Paolo La Cava, Vice President and Managing Director of Etihad Aviation Training, the Boeing 777 and 787 types were chosen not accidentally.

Currently there is a huge demand for these aircraft types, in particular. Five full flight simulators out of 11 owned by Etihad are for 777 and 787 pilot training. Thus, in addition to training its own pilots, Etihad has decided to provide other carriers that lack necessary capacity or do not have in-house equipment to train their flight crews with a solution.