EU Brings Back Slot Rules: Airlines Must Use 50% of Their Slots

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The EU is working on bringing back slot rules at 50% threshold to help airlines overcome the pandemic’s consequences.

The prie-pandemic regulations required airlines to use at least 80% of their take-off and landing slots to keep them for the next year, so many have been operating ghost flights. The restrictions were waved over the past year, but the EU seeks to reintroduce the original rule, amending the percentage threshold. According to European Council, it will help to start “relaunching the industry and encourage competition. “ The Council text grants airlines the opportunity to return 50% of their slots but requests them to use at least 50% of the remaining ones.

“With COVID-19 still very much around, it would be premature to go back to the old ‘use it or lose it’ rule. The new slot relief provisions strike a balance by providing much-needed help to airlines, encouraging competition in the industry and preparing for a gradual return to normality as soon as that becomes possible, while avoiding ghost flights and reducing emissions. I would like to highlight the excellent cooperation between the European Parliament and the Council, allowing both institutions to envisage a swift adoption of this legislation “, said Pedro Nuno Santos, Portuguese Minister for Infrastructure and Housing, President of the Council.

Today’s mandate was approved by ambassadors who have met in the Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee. Both the Council and the European Parliament are yet to agree on the final text.

Source: Council of the European Union