FAA Approves Boeing’s Fix For 737 MAX Electrical Issue

Boeing 737 MAX

Photo: Photo: Andreas Zeitler / shutterstock.com

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FAA has approved Boeing’s fix to an electrical issue for 737 MAX. Due to the problem, over 100 737 MAX aircraft have been grounded since April.

“After gaining final approvals from the FAA, we have issued service bulletins for the affected fleet,” Boeing told Reuters. “We’ll continue to stay close to our customers as they complete the work to return their airplanes to service. We are also completing the work as we prepare to resume deliveries.”

The announcement comes as a relief for the affected U.S. operators as they prepare for the summer season. Southwest, American and United all together removed more than 60 aircraft from service. Other affected airlines are Cayman Airways, GOL, Iceland Air, SilkAir, Spice Jet, TUI, etc.

Boeing has also explained that the upgrades will only require a few days of work after receiving approval.

The grounding due to an electrical problem was already a second setback for the type. Previously, the ban on flying was lifted in November 2020 after almost two years of a standstill after two fatal crashes.

Source: Reuters