FAA Proposes Checks of Pratt & Whitney Engines Powering A220 & E2

Photo: Karlis Dambrans / shutterstock.com

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released airworthiness directive (AD) proposing to run checks of the PW1500Gs, powering Airbus A220s, and the PW1900Gs, powering Embraer E-Jets E2.

The AD followed two engine shutdowns caused by oil leaks during flights of the aircraft powered with the above-mentioned engines. In order to prevent possible future oil leaks, engine fires and, consequently, damages to the aircraft, the FAA has proposed to eliminate these risks by inspecting the gap between each engine’s oil supply tube and the fuel oil cooler (FOC).

To solve this issue, Pratt & Whitney recommends inspection and replacement of hardware on the PW1500Gs and PW1900Gs. Installations of new hardware are underway and are expected to cause only minimal operational disruptions, as these could be performed on-wing, FlightGlobal reports.

Following the AD, the operators registered in the US will have to carry out initial inspections every 300 engine cycles, while follow-up inspections will have to be carried out every additional 850 cycles, ATW Online provides.

Apart from that, carriers would be required to change the supply tube and FOC for new parts at the next shop visit following service guidance released by Pratt & Whitney.